Tuesday, November 27, 2007

PUFF is back!!!!

HEY dogz,

sorry for my LONG break from blogging!!!!

Well my thanksgiving was GREAT, i got lots of yummy turkey, but i have to say the gravy had a little to much salt!!!

The big thanksgiving feast kind of put me in a coma for a few days so all i have been doing is SLEEPING!!!

BUT a few days ago my mum said that something had came for me in the mail!!!!!!!

WHAT! well what are you waiting for bring it over here!!!!!

sometimes hoomans can be SO lazy!!!!

The thing that came for me turned out to be my prize for winning MIMI the pug's caption contest!!! One of the buttons is a magnet and the other is a pin, both of them featuring pictures of MIMI herself!!!
THANK you so much MIMI my mum and i just love them!!!!

Here is me posing with my prizes!!!

That was a very exciting day receiving my first prize, But today I've just hanging around and sleeping........

Except this time Little gurl decided to just come on over and lay down with me!!!
Here is a picture of us exposing or Beautiful belly's!!!

If you look closely you can even see the COW-BELLY patch on my chest!!!
Also notice little gurl's EXTREMLEY round belly, she is quite the healthy CHIHUAHUA!!!

Here we are sitting next to eachother, i think little gurl looks like YODA in this picture!!!

Here is a picture of adorable ME!!!!
MY mum says that i look like an alien dog in this picture. Litlle gurl's alien princess qualitys must have rubbed off on me a little!!!

Here is the ALIEN PRINCESS DOG herself!!!!

Well i hope all you dogz have a great week!!!
And thanks again mimi for the great prizes!!!

peace out
I also recieved 2 DWB christmas cards today
lenny and the Latshaws
Comet, Blu and Lacy
This is so exciting its not even december yet and i am already getting some cards!!
my mum better hurry up with my cards!!!!!!

Monday, November 05, 2007

Sleepy PUFF!!!

Hey dogz,

Well the week has definetly gotten off to a sleepy start for me!!!

Howl-OWEEN was PAWSOME! My mum walked me around in my WUG-witch costume and held Ivy gurl in her Chihuahua fairy costume!!!

I got a little worked up half way through the walk and turned into A WERE-puff!!!!! The full moon can have that effect on some dogz!!!

*Sleepy PUFF*

BUT now its getting closer and closer to TURKEY DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

oh GLORIOUS turkey day when the hoomans celebrate how great us animals are by preparing us a great feast!!!!!

But the day i am really counting down to is CHRISTMAS!!!!!!

I am so excited for the holiday cheer and DWB christmas card exchange to finally arrive!!!!!

Hope everyone has a great week, hopefully you all got off to a less sleepy start than me!!

peace out