Thursday, July 17, 2008

Puff and computer trouble!

Hey Guys!

Well my mum actually had to send her computer away to be fixed completely and i don't know how long it will take to be fixed but in the mean time i cant post any new pictures. But its given me a lot of time to work on solving the mystery of the " Dead floaty" and i have narrowed it down to just a few suspects. So when my mums computer is Finally better ill post my findings and i might need every ones help to find the true villain! I think you will all agree that who ever did the crime has to have a can of smack down opened up courtesy of Puff!!

In moving updates: We haven't begun packing yet, that will start Friday and everydog has to be out of the house by Sunday (which will give me a deadline if i want to find anymore evidence in the "Dead Floaty" case) but other than that everything has been going smoothly. We plan to drive halfway there and stop over at a motel in Oklahoma. My mum was talking about smuggling Ivy girl into the room, because shes hardly a whole dog right so why have to pay for half a dog....just don't rat us out o.k? Then we plan to drive the rest of the way to our new home. Remus will actually be staying with a rescue friend of my mum, Karan while we move because He and Winston have dominant male issues. Boy dogs can be so weird sometimes. But he will join us in a couple of months when my mums dad drives up because he has to stay in Texas until September for business. Well that's about it.

Hope every ones having a great week!

lots of love

Thursday, July 03, 2008

Puff trys out her new floaty!

Hey Guys,

So I got my new floaty today and of course i had to try it out. Here's a BUNCH of pictures of me hanging out by the pool and breaking in my bright orange floaty boaty!

Before i get in the pool i have to make sure everyone stays in! I hate it when my mum gets out, so i have to be on pool guard duty and give her a warning howl when shes even thinking about stepping out.

There you have it! My new floaty is pawsome and extremely comfy! I am really glad my mum ran out and got me a new one right away, because how can i be master of the pool without my Floaty throne??!?
I better go let my mum get back to watching the Twilight Zone marathon ( she has to watch the it every 4th of July and new year)
Anyway ill be back tomorrow to do some dog sleuthing to find who killed my other Floaty.
I already have some suspects!
lots of love

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Puff enjoys her summer!!

Hey everyone,

First of all i have been wanting to post forever but my mums computer caught a deadly virus and was well dead for a long time and lately she has only been able to get it to work for about 30 minutes before it goes dead again. But shes going to take it in to get fixed tomorrow. Anyway i have some HUGE news which is one of the main reasons i have been wanting to post for so long.

My family and i are moving to Fort Collins Colorado!! We are actually moving into are new house at the end of July but until then i am going to be swimming EVERY day because besides my beagle buddy Odie the pool is going to be one of the things I'm gonna miss the most !!

Well in more recent news i have just been enjoying the summer and doing what most dogs do:

helping my mum sort papers which is actually not fun at all i think it looks like i am in jail in that picture

Trying out the latest summer hair do's

And of course as i have mentioned before Swimming!
I live for floaties they are the only real way to fully enjoy the pool experience

But when i jumped in on my favorite floaty it had a huge hole in it! Someone had vandalized my prize floaty!! It was definitely one of the dogs who are just jealous because i am master of the pool. Not only did i have a jealous criminal dog on my paws but it was also becoming increasingly hard to stay afloat!!

I finally just had to sit down. I'll have to go to Floaty Depot tomorrow to replace my ruined floaty. Rest in peace dear floaty your many years of pool service will not be forgotten.

When i was finally ready to go inside i of course had to do my Freak-out- and-rub-my wet-fur-all-over-the-furniture dance its a thing us dogs have to do

But eventually my mum threw me a towel

Can you tell its me??

Then i decided to practice my Joe Stains impersonation either that or i saw something shocking!!

After i dried off i realized that my beard was very noticeable

I think my beard gives me a certain element of elegance and it makes me look like an albino Airedale!!

As soon as my mums computer is fixed ill be back with regular posts and updates about the moving process!! Also With updates about finding the criminal dog who killed my floaty!!
hope every ones enjoying their summers!
Lots of love