Sunday, October 26, 2008

Puff is back and ready for Howl-oween!

Hey Everybody!

After a Long break i am finally ready to get this blog back on track! I just wanted to thank everydoggy one more time for all their kind words about heidi's passing, it really did help us through that difficult time.

DWB really helped me make some unbelievable friends!

Now on to what i have been doing lately:

A couple weeks ago my mums friends brought their dog Duffy over while they hung out.

He is a 7 year old Carin Terrier, Like ToTo from wizard of Oz!! And he was a rescue dog too which just makes him all the more welcome!

The grass we munched on did not have a good after taste

Thanks for stoppin by Duff Boy ! We had a great time meeting a new friend here in Colorado!

Now on to something i should have posted a looooonnnggg time ago:
It seems that i have gotten some early treats before howl-oween!

This lovely award is from the pretty Asta Girl:
"With the Premium Dardos, recognize the values that each blogger shows each day in commitment to transmit cultural values, ethical, literary, personal etc. that, in short, demonstrate their creativity by alive thinking that remains intact from their letters and words. "

This pretty green one is also from Asta:

This awesome one is from the handsome chihuahua boy Pedro!:

This sparkly Gold paw award is from our friend Mango:

And this cute rainbow one is also from the amazing mango:

Since it took me so long to post about these awards i am sure almost everyone has them so if you don't already have any of them go ahead and take em!

Now on to the best part!
Puff And Ivy's Howl-Oween Costumes!!

As some of you may remember last year i was a very enchanting " WUG Witch!" I was so in to the halloween spirit that i even cast a spell or two!

Little Ivy girl was a Fairy.....

With an Evil Side!

But this year i could only think of one thing that could truly represent who i am.....

A Mer-dog! I really miss my pool back in Texas so to honor it i decided to show what an extreme master of the pool i really am by becoming half fish!

Just imagine Blue waves crashing behind me!

This year little Ivy girl decided to go back to her "Texas Roots".......

I tried to ask her where she was taking that little dude! But she wouldn't tell me!

She also had some hat malfunctions

I finally decided that Ivy was taking way to long and I would just take the little dude where he wanted to go!

But The little guy wouldn't come off....stupid Velcro! But i did steal her hat!

I can pull off any Howl-Oween look!
Hope everyone is having a nice week !
Love mermaid puff and Cowgirl Ivy