Monday, February 25, 2008

PUFF is BACK with some new Pics!!

Hey Dogz,

I'm finally back , and this time i have NEW pictures!
I am sorry i couldn't post this sooner especially since my mum got a new camera for Valentines Day, but then blogger started acting weird, and my mom was busy and BLAH BLAH BLAH enough excuses. Its time for some new pictures!!

First off here is a picture of my ADORABLE face, i think my nose looks extra big in this picture!!

This picture portrays my impersonation of "Bat Dog"!!!

Now on to some valentine card and present pictures ( even though its almost march!)

For valentines Day my mum's friend's bulldog Nitty gave me two cupcakes with little frosted bones on them! But one of them was chocolate so my mum only let me eat the vanilla one! And i must point put how patiently i waited before devouring my treat, i don't have as much restraint when posing with food as say Miss.Amber-Mae does!!

And let me say it was DELICIOUS , too bad i couldn't have the other one too!!!

Thanks so much Nitty i loved my Valentines Day treat, as you can see it was so good i got carried away for a moment and forgot my ladylike manners!!

Now on to the card pictures! I really liked all the cards i got because they were all so fun and unique!!

This first picture shows Ivy and me posing with our cards from our beagle friend Odie!

Mr.Odie even got Molly the Collie a valentine! I have to say Odie Molly was a little emotional after she got your card, it is after all her very first Valentines card!!

This Lovely card is from Kaiser the Boxer!!

This Very cute card is from Bella the Boxer girl!!

This next very Sweet Valentines Day card is from Mack!

I am so entranced by Butchy and Snickers card that i cant seem to take my eyes off of it!!

And this last cute card is from Sami the Golden retriever girl! Sorry about the bored-doofusy look on my face , my mum had been snapping so many pictures that night!!!

And you wont believe what else the Amazing Miss.Sami sent me.....Its a Delicious looking Booda Bone!!!

It was Lip-Smacking good , thanks so much Sami i Loved it!! But since my mum let me have extra treats on Valentines , i now have to cut back on treats...Can you guys believe it !!!

But don't worry little Ivy girl didn't miss out on the yummy Valentine's day treats , she just got a more "size appropriate" bone!!

Thanks so much everyone for the Lovely cards and yummy treats, i had a GREAT valentines day!! Also i did get another Adorable card from the Zoo Crew,but my mum just didnt get a chance to take a picture of it!!
But i do have to apologize for my lack of commenting on every ones blog, but from now on i am forcing my mum to let me on the computer AT LEAST once a day!!

Till next time, i hope everyone has a fantastic time!!!
peace out

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Puff and a New Award!!

Hey dogz!

Its almost Valentines Day, and Love is in the air!

Unfortunately my mum's stupid camera is STILL broken! So you will all have to wait a little longer to see any new pictures!

Not only that but on saturday my mom left me home alone for the entire day! She just came back today, and she said that she had to visit the Texas state Campus in San Marcos because her older brother is going there in August. Ivy girl got to stay at Odie the beagle's house and Remus was boarded, but the rest of us dogs had to stay at home with only a couple visits from the dog sitter!! So i dont care what her excuse is she didnt even bring me back a present! Sometimes i just dont get hoomans!

But i do have some good news to blog about. I have gotten Another award!!!

Its the "So special" award that was given to me by Cricket, Ginger and Sparky! Thanks so much you guys i really appreciate it!!

I love all my Blog friends so i want everyone to put this award on their blogs because all of you deserve it!

I especially want my Handsome Valentine Hammer to have it because he is very special to me!!!

Hope everyone has a great day!!

Peace out