Monday, January 28, 2008

PUFF's Got herself a valentine, and the walk with Odie

Hey Dogz and Girl Girl!

Its Getting closer and closer to valentines day, and i think that every dog should have that one special dog to share it with!

And it just so happens that the handsomest dog has asked me to be his valentine!!!

HAMMER Thank you for being my Valentine!!! This Valentines day will be extra special because i get to share it with you!!!

Speaking of valentines day its not to late to enter the VALENTINES DAY CARD EXCHANGE, my mum wants to get started on the cards right away but i will make her wait a few days for any other dogs who want to participate!!!

Just email me your address at and i will be sure to get back to you really soon!!

Last Sunday i took a walk with my Favorite Beagle Buddy ODIE!!

It was so much fun we went around the lake and got to see some other doggys too!!

Here is a video showing us walking and wrasslin in my backyard!!

This is another quick video showing odie going down the kiddie slide at the playground with his owner Rachael!!

Thanks for walking with me Odie i had a great time!!!

Have a great week everyone , and dont forget to enter the VALENTINES CARD EXCHANGE!

peace out


Saturday, January 26, 2008

Dog match-up and Valentines card Exchange!

Hey Dogz and Girl Girl,


So i saw this dog match up thing on quite a few of you dogz blogs, so i made my mum go to and try it out!

Her first match was the English Cocker Spaniel, because of his cheery disposition and eternally wagging tail. I still think that the WUG is the happiest dog around!!

Her second match was the Soft coated Wheaten Terrier, because it is an exuberant companion. I am half west highland terrier so at least its a terrier like half of me! BUT i think that the WUG is the best companion, i mean i can be VERY exuberant!!!!

Her third match was the Field spaniel, because this breed is energetic, friendly, loving and playful. Now what breed do those quality's remind you of............THE WUG!
I cant believe the pug or westie hasn't even made the list yet!!!

Her Fourth match was the Airedale terrier because Stylish, noble, and athletic, the Airedale Terrier is both stoic hunter and playful clown. I guess that's why my mum loves Airedales so much!

The fifth and final match was the Clumber spaniel, because The easygoing Clumber has a loyal spirit and tender heart..........My heart is VERY tender!!!!!

I was pretty sad after this dog match up thing , the pug and westie didnt even make the "recommended dog" list!! I mean i know i chew up a shoe or two every now and then BUT overall the WUG is a great dog!

But then my mum said that i was the only dog for her and that she loves me very much! Then she gave me a yummy buttermilk bone, so everything worked out!!!

Now on to some other news!!!
I heard this fun idea over at MACK'S blog:
Anydog who wants to exchange cards can email me at and then we can exchange snail mail addresses!!

I am so excited and i think this is going to be really fun!!

Also i am single and looking for a valentine, so to all you boy dogs:


cant wait for valentines day and i hope everyone has a great weekend!!
Clive has just passed over the rainbow bridge, please go and send your love to his mom.

peace out

Monday, January 21, 2008

Puff an Award and even more videos!

Hey Dogz,

So my mum is pretty angry because her prehistoric camera has stopped working, but dont worry because i have EVEN MORE videos to share!

This first video is set to funky dance music and shows all of my dog sisters and brothers!

I realize however that unless you dogz have been reading my blog from the begining, you dont really know who my brothers and sisters are so ill list them off so you can watch for them in the video-

-Ivy the Chihuahua of course

-Molly the collie

-Winston the big Airedale Boy

-Heidi the small Airedale girl
*My mum had trouble getting any good video of her since she has "personality problems" so she is only shown once quckily at 1:01, you'll probably have to pause to see her.

-Remus the Bloodhound

-Paris the tan Terrier mix Girl

And of course i have to be in it!

So enjoy i know my mum kinda over edited this one too, but she had alot of time on her hands!

This one is just a short video of me and Paris Wrasslin!
It clearly shows how i opened a can of smackdown on her!!

And now on to the good part , Sweepy gave me the "thanks for being my friend" award!

Thanks so much Sweepy i really appreciate it!!

The dogs i would like to pass this award on to are-

- Odie the Beagle

- Tuffy in saudi

- Fred the Bichon Frise

- The 4xBs


and Lita and Trish -The airechicks!

Hope all you dogs are having a fantastic week , and hopefully my mum will get her stupid camera fixed soon!!

peace out

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Puff and the Dramatic video

Hey dogz,

Hope you all are having a Pawsome weekend!!

This is just a quick post to share another video my mom edited together, the video was taken right after my bath so i was doing the " freak out and rub myself all over the furniture" dance.

I kind of think the video is overdone with the sappy piano playing and the black and whiteness, but i hope you enjoy!!

I will post again on monday with some new pictures and videos!!

Peace out

Sunday, January 13, 2008

PUFF stars in some new videos!

Hey dogz!

Hope all of you have had a great weekend!

My mum has been lazy so i am sorry that i haven't posted in a while, but for Christmas my mum got a video camera so i do have some videos to share with you!!!

Also please know that my mum is still learning how to work it and the videos are kind of shaky. At least you will get to see me and Ivy girl in action!!!!

By next weekend my mum will probably have some better, more ADORABLE, videos to show!!

peace out