Sunday, November 30, 2008

How Puff celebrated her Thanksgiving!

Hello Everyone

My mum and i have been super busy getting our Christmas cards ready and we are really excited to finally see some Colorado snow! We have already received some pawsome cards which made us uber excited! In the following weeks i will try to post at least every other day but for now i thought i would share some rather Adorable Thanksgiving day pictures!

I think everydog would agree that Thanksgiving is all about perfecting the technique of begging for food

Miss.Paris just zoned in on the sweet potatoes hoping that if she stared at them long enough they would levitate into her mouth

I however have a more.....effective approach to begging

There's no way they can ignore me if I'm at the table.....i believe the hoomans had forgotten to give me a plate!

And of course putting on a cute face can be the difference between getting just a small piece of turkey or getting a constant flow of turkey when the other hoomans aren't looking!
I would think that after a while my mum would become immune to "The Face" but it just keeps working better and better!

Most importantly once the hoomans have left the table any scraps left are yours for the taking!

And if that wasn't enough my mum even got us our own "Thanksgiving Day Dinner Sausage for canines"

YUM !!! YUM!! YUM!!

Ivy wasn't in the sharing mood so she ran to her house to devour her thanksgiving sausage . Notice her lovely Barbie Blanket that was so kindly given to her by our beagle buddy Odie after ivy had stayed the weekend at his house when my mum left to San Marcos a while back.

Oh No the intoxicating aroma gave Paris the Crazy eyes!

Oh no Molly's got them too!

Mr. Winston has a super sensitive tummy so he just got one of his special treats

Look at that bump-head! Hes got the Biggest bump-head outta any dog i've ever seen!

Winston enjoyed his treat just as much as we did our sausage though.

I'll be back Really soon with more updates oh and if you all would be so kind my mum's other friend back in Texas has just started a blog for her Two dogs George and Gracie so if you all could stop by and say hi to them that would be great -

Have a great weekend everyone!

lots of love


Sunday, October 26, 2008

Puff is back and ready for Howl-oween!

Hey Everybody!

After a Long break i am finally ready to get this blog back on track! I just wanted to thank everydoggy one more time for all their kind words about heidi's passing, it really did help us through that difficult time.

DWB really helped me make some unbelievable friends!

Now on to what i have been doing lately:

A couple weeks ago my mums friends brought their dog Duffy over while they hung out.

He is a 7 year old Carin Terrier, Like ToTo from wizard of Oz!! And he was a rescue dog too which just makes him all the more welcome!

The grass we munched on did not have a good after taste

Thanks for stoppin by Duff Boy ! We had a great time meeting a new friend here in Colorado!

Now on to something i should have posted a looooonnnggg time ago:
It seems that i have gotten some early treats before howl-oween!

This lovely award is from the pretty Asta Girl:
"With the Premium Dardos, recognize the values that each blogger shows each day in commitment to transmit cultural values, ethical, literary, personal etc. that, in short, demonstrate their creativity by alive thinking that remains intact from their letters and words. "

This pretty green one is also from Asta:

This awesome one is from the handsome chihuahua boy Pedro!:

This sparkly Gold paw award is from our friend Mango:

And this cute rainbow one is also from the amazing mango:

Since it took me so long to post about these awards i am sure almost everyone has them so if you don't already have any of them go ahead and take em!

Now on to the best part!
Puff And Ivy's Howl-Oween Costumes!!

As some of you may remember last year i was a very enchanting " WUG Witch!" I was so in to the halloween spirit that i even cast a spell or two!

Little Ivy girl was a Fairy.....

With an Evil Side!

But this year i could only think of one thing that could truly represent who i am.....

A Mer-dog! I really miss my pool back in Texas so to honor it i decided to show what an extreme master of the pool i really am by becoming half fish!

Just imagine Blue waves crashing behind me!

This year little Ivy girl decided to go back to her "Texas Roots".......

I tried to ask her where she was taking that little dude! But she wouldn't tell me!

She also had some hat malfunctions

I finally decided that Ivy was taking way to long and I would just take the little dude where he wanted to go!

But The little guy wouldn't come off....stupid Velcro! But i did steal her hat!

I can pull off any Howl-Oween look!
Hope everyone is having a nice week !
Love mermaid puff and Cowgirl Ivy

Friday, September 26, 2008

We miss you Heidi

Hello everyone Puff's mum here,

I just want to thank Everyone again for their kind words it helps to know that Heidi will be looked after up there. I found out that Heidi was not the only dog to go to the rainbow bridge recently: Simon and gizmo have both also left their families and we know exactly what kind of pain they are in but We like to think that at least Heidi had some friends to enter the bridge with.

We found Deetz post about finding a butterfly that told them that little Gizmo had crossed safely to the bridge very inspiring so even though we liked to hope that Heidi was already having a good time at the bridge i took puff and Ivy out side to enjoy the nice day and see if we could also be lucky and have a sign that Heidi made it safely over the bridge.

Powder-puff and ivy were both very sad and not at all like their usual selves lately so it didn't surprise me when they just slowly walked around.

But when i was about to head in puff looked up at the sky and slowly wagged her tail before running inside. I like to think that it was Heidi sending a sign like Deetz got that she was safe and that she was looking after us.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

On tuesday at about 11:00 am Hedi passed over to the rainbow bridge. She had a stroke and was paralyzed and the vets really didn't have any more options to help her so my mum and her parents made the decision that it was time to let her go. The vets still don't know what caused this sudden tragedy but whatever it was we all hope that Heidi is happy and enjoying herself in doggie heaven. We know she will be looked after by Lacy lulu and all are other friends who are already up there. We all miss Heidi dearly, the house just seems empty without her constant barking. And although she had a rough exterior and a lot of attitude Heidi was really quite a fragile dog.

Below are a few good recent pictures of Heidi the first 3 were even taken in the new house.

Thank you for all your prayers and maybe you could send one more wish that Heidi is having a good time at the rainbow bridge. Even though she is gone from our house she is still with us .
Run Free Heidi
I might take a weeks break from blogging before i come back with new house pictures im sure you will all understand
Thanks again for all your good wishes
powder-puff and her mom