Wednesday, October 24, 2007

PUFF and her awards!!!

hey dogz,

this is just a quick post to thank the wonderful MRS.LACY LULU for giving me the "i luv your blog" award AND the "sweet treat" award!!!

Thanks so much lacy lulu for giving me my very first awards!!!

NOW for the fun part, passing the awards along:

O.k let the awards ceromony BEGIN!!!

i would like to give the "i LOVE your blog" award to:
1. Happy
2. Snoopy and smoke
3. and Preston the Puggle

I would like to give the "sweet treat" award to:
1. The airechicks
2.Rainy the mini schnauzer
3. and Seadra and zoe

I just LUV all my dog blog friends and i hope everydog is having a great week!!!
HOWL-OWEEN is ALMOST here, just a few more days.
The chihuahua fairy and me are so excited we can hardly stand it!!!

peace out

Saturday, October 20, 2007

HOWL-OWEEN photo contest for airedale rescue!!!

Hey dogz,

Well my weekend has been pawsome so far, have been catching up on my sleeping,
And Ivy has been doing very good too she seems to be handling the treatment well!!!

so i have some FUN news!!!

The airechicks MUM has put together another photo contest, but this time its a costume contest!! All animals are welcome to enter as long as they are in their HOWL-OWEEN costumes!!

There are some great prizes that any pet would LUV, for the best pictures!!

Here is the link to the HOWL-OWEEN photo contest:

So all you dogz go ahead and enter only $5 per entry and please pass the news of the contest around to every pet you know!!!!

if you have anymore questions on the contest you can ask me or the airechicks and to get the buttons you can check out the airechicks blog!!!!

Have a great weekend DOGZ!!!

peace out


Sunday, October 14, 2007

The WUG-witch returns !!!!!!

hey dogz,

AAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRROOOOOOOO, little IVY gurls teeth cleaning and heart worm treatment were a sucsess!!!!

Ivy has made it through the hardest parts and now she just has to stay calm and not run i CANT see her as much as i used to but i just hope she gets better and STOPS hogging the bed!!!!

Besides that nothing much has been going on ..............

EXCEPT that the WUG-witch , yours truly, has made a RETURN!!!!!

this time complete with a very HOWL-OWEENY dress!!!!

its hard to be "scary" when your a WUG-witch, but at least i don't have to try hard to be ADORABLE!!!!

my hat sort of "flew off" when i attempted to perform the TREAT SUMMONING ritual!!!!
little ivy even got a new costume , BUT she is STILL no WUG-witch!!!!!

ivy girl is the "chihuahua fairy" , and even i must admit that she is a pretty PAWSOME fairy!!!!

heres the little fairy FAR the littlest ive ever seen!!!

i think she was trying to test out her fairy wings !!!!!

she may be a cute little chihuahua fairy sometimes but........

she can be a EVIL fairy to...........youve been warned!!!!!!!!

Also we have some news on the rescued dales too.
a couple of days ago my mum and her mum picked up DILLIE and CHEYENE from the vet. They had been shaved and looked MUCH better. Then they were taken to the kennel where the other recued DALES are being kept until they are well enough to be fostered.

this is DILLIE, she is a very happy girl, and my mum thinks she will easily find a forever home!!!

This is cheyene she is very shy compared to the other dales and is still very skinny and scared, but is recovering and becoming more outgoing slowly.

here she is comming out of the vet, what a long snout she has!!!

As mentioned she is skinner than the other dales and her ribs can easily be seen, but hopefully she will start gaining weight soon.

once she got in the car she wasnt as nervous, and she even tried to get up front to drive it!!!!

here are some pictures of the other rescued DALES:

heres NINA one of the rescued girls!!!

she was very excited seemed to be much happier!!!!

besides being excited NINA was also very VOCAL!!!!!!

this is BELLE, the DALE girl who unfortunatley went through a seizure when she was first brought in. BUT she has not gone through any seizures since.

Belle is being watched carefully, and seems to be fine. As you can see she is deffinetly up and around!!!

This is chico, the only male dale. He is very quiet and seems almost confused.

Chico, like all the other dales, is scared and confused, but these dogs deserve a better life and hopefully my mum and the other volunteers will be able to give it to them!!!

So everything has been going great:
ivy girl is doing well, the DALES are getting better and.............

HOWL-OWEEN is almost here!!!!!!

have a GREAT week dogz!!!!
peace out

Friday, October 05, 2007

Good luck little IVY GURL!!!

hey dogz,

ARRRRRROOOO its finally friday!!

well i have some very important news, and i need all of you guyz help!!!

on Monday little IVY GURL is going to get her teeth cleaned: she has heartworm but my mum wants to get her feeling better by getting her teeth fixed first. so i need all of YOU to send booty scratches and good luck to little ivy gurl, this surgery and heartworm treatment is going to be hard on her!!!

come on little gurl we know you can pull through !!!!!!!

here is little ivy gurl, i dont think she needs a HOWL-OWEEN costume she already looks like a cute ALIEN DOG!!!!

*shes NO WuG- WITCH though!!!*

hhhhhhheeeeerrrrreeeessss IVY!!!!

at first IVY gurl was scared of me, maybe she was just in awe by my overpowering PUFF-ness, but now me and my little foster sissy go together like ice cream and dog biscuits.........YES ice cream and dog biscuits go together perfectly!!!

as you can see MiSs.TeEtH cant help but stare at mine and Ivy gurls bueaty!!!!
so tonight as all you dogz dream of bones could you slip in a prayer for little ivy gurl too!!!!

have a PAWSOME weekend guyz.........HOWL-OWEEN is just around the corner!!!!
peace out