Saturday, May 24, 2008

Puff and her lazy week!!

Hey everyone!!

Ive had such a lazy week. All i have been doing is sleeping, which is just fine if you ask me!

I haven't got any new pictures to show you guys yet...but never fear my mum has conjured up another pointless video!!

Below is just a slide show with some video clips thrown in of some of her favorite pictures of me, some of them are really old and some are recent.

Sorry for the super short post! Just thought i'd give you guys a little something until i can update with new pictures. Which will be very soon!

lots and lots of love

Sunday, May 04, 2008

Teddy Edwards takes over!!


Its me Teddy Edwards! I have decided that the best person to tell about me is ME, so i have hijacked Puff's blog for just the time being.....while she is sleeping!

So to begin you all know who i am and that I'm a guinea pig but you don't know all the random facts that make me the guinea pig i am today!

Lets begin with just some tid bits about my physical appearance:

One thing that i am known for is my wild yet VERY stylish hair!!

Another thing that i am "known" for is my Extremely cute piggy nose

people just cant seem to get enough of my little pink schnoz!

Okay now from time to time i also LOVE to dress up in silly little hats and pose for the camera!

........Ya right! I am forced by the lady puff calls "mum" to wear these things on my head ! I don't understand why she makes me cover up my great hair anyway!

Here is another hat that was put on me while thousands and thousands of pictures were snapped!

......well i guess i do look rather Dashing in this picture , but that does NOT mean i like wearing hats. How does that lady even find all these miniature hats anyway?

Now on to one of the most important questions an animal can be asked:
What do you like to eat!?!

I eat A LOT of things especially hair if you put you head to close to my mouth, but normally i absolutely cant stand a day without some Timothy Hay!!

here's a video showing me snacking on some DELICIOUS Hay. Notice how loud i am when i chew and eat , well there is a reason we are called guinea PIGS.

Also i love regular treats like frutidrops for hamsters(pretty much any hamster-like treat or snacks i also eat) and fresh veggies! Parsley and carrots are some of my all time Favorites! If you come between me and my food you'd better be prepared to lose a lock of hair!!

Oh and also I'm guessing some of you are wondering exactly how big i am. Well i was able to get to know my doggy sissy Ivy because of course a four pound chihuahua doesnt really pose much of a threat to me. So you can kind of see how big i am.

she wouldn't stop smelling me though....i mean its not like my scent changes why did she have to keep sniffing?!? But as you can see she is probably a little bit bigger than me.

I hope everyone enjoyed getting to know me! And I better get going because i think Puff is waking up !

Have a great week
Teddy Edwards-The bestest guinea pig in the world