Saturday, April 09, 2011

Spam of pictures galore

Hello doggies,

Puff back for regular reporting. My mum took quite a lot of pictures, so prepare yourself for the bucket load of cuteness what will ensue.

Some things have happened, that i shall fill you in on, but everything is going pretty much the same at our el casa.

I refuse to put my pumpkin toy away, i don't care if it's not in season anymore

During my mom's spring break, her parents and she took a road trip to Iowa. And of course, being the commander in chief, they left me to take care of the house. You know, make sure things are running smoothly, keep the other dogs in line.

Some of the other dogs may call me bossy, but take the y off of that and you have BOSS, which i am.

My family took Button on the trip with them. They said she was a dandy little traveler.

That little schnauzer got to stay in fancy hotel rooms


She jumped up on this table to scavenge for french fries. Seriously, she HOISTED herself up there (keep in mind she's an elderly pup). Button is a ninja dog

Now that we're back at home and it's warmed up, we get to hang out outside in the lovely backyard more often

Winston gets stuck inside sometimes, lovable oaf. He has a whole room sectioned off to himself though, we call it his condo.

Oh, and we happened to find something else that Button hates. Shocker

The sprinkler. She gets herself drenched trying to go after that thing. I don't get's just water

So far Button will not stand for: Vacuum cleaners, blow dryers and sprinklers. Her repugnance for simple machinery puts us all on edge

I like to relax in the sun. Soak in some rays

Button also has to keep watch outside, to make sure no lousy mailmen or such trespass. She has a dog bed in position to protect her delicate button

The two tongue-hangy-outy sisters

Hey, Valentines day was in February. Love should not be in the air, you guys!

That's my mom and Miss. Paris. Notice how paris' nose is the real star of this photo

Hope everyone is having a dogtastic weekend!