Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Vacuum haters of the world, unite!

Button here for the day. And i have a special message for everyone-

Do you loathe the vacuum? Do you hate it, wanna attack, and/or think it is evil?


I propose that the vacuum haters of the world come together, and think of a way to get rid of them all together.

Just look at that. It is so awful, so despicable- I just had to bite it. It taunts me, making loud noises, sucking up dirt. How dare it be in my presence. I'm a dog of class, and i can stand this no longer

The vacuum has to go. I have told my mom and her family this. There has to be an ultimatum, because that monster and i can not coincide with one another much longer

It makes me bark in rage. Look at my lips, puckered with hate!

Piggy wont be joining our league any time soon, shes mostly scared of the evil vacuum.

Saturday, March 05, 2011

Snowy day last week

Last week we got a bit of snow, its all gone now, but my mom was able to get some pics before it all disappeared.

Button loves roaming around outside, and a snowy terrain is just more land to be explored. There are actually some stinkin rabbits living under this shed in our backyard, and Button paces around it trying to figure out a way to smoke them out.

It was rather chilly, I'm surprised icicles didn't start forming on her little button tail.

Paris with a lovely snow beard

I am not crazy like the other dogs though, and stayed warm inside

Piggy stayed in too, and she was well ready for her close up

Lots of love till next time

Friday, March 04, 2011

Puff returns

Oh my dog. Its has been awhile. Hopefully some dogs will remember me. In case you need a refresher; Hello, I'm Powder-puff the westie pug mix A.ka a Wug!

And I'm back, baby

It has indeed been a long time since i last blogged, and sadly we have had two losses

Little Pixie

Pixie fell off the couch, and completely messed up her neck. She was in horrible pain, and the humans decided to let her go. It was horribley sad, and all us dogs were so used to her being in that one spot on the couch. Everyone loved her, she was a sweet little schnauzer with a bit of spunk

And, molly. Molly was an older dog, about 13 or 14. And she might have had a stroke, but what ever happened- my mom and her parents knew it was her time to cross over to the rainbow bridge. It was less sad for molly because we all feel she is finally at peace. Molly was such a sweet dog, And i will miss her mother like guidance.

Piggy loved to cuddle up to Molly....You'll meet piggy in a minute

Besides the two tragic losses, we've also had a few additions to the Dwyer house

This is Button. This elder Schnauzer girl was found roaming the streets in Oklahoma. And when animal control called the number on the tag the previous owners said 'oh we didnt want her anymore'. Stinky rotten hoomans. So my mom's daddy drove down on a mini roadtrip and picked her up, and she's now a part of the family. (please ignore the bra background, she sleeps in my mom's room)

She absolutely despises the Vacuum. And hardly allows it in her presence without attacking it with a vengeance. She even cleared a baby gate once trying to get after it, she just hates it that much

Sometimes we have mini quarrels over toys. She makes lots of noises when she plays. And shes quite a feisty little girl. The name comming not only from her button like tail, but also from the fact that shes cute as a button

And this.....this is Piggy. Full name Penelope, but we all call her Piggy, well because she resembles a pig. Her tongue is perpetually stuck out, and she has the worst gas of any dog on the planet. The animal shelter said she was a French bulldog, but we're not so sure...we just know she's part pig

Every morning she leaps off the deck, and hits the ground running like a bullet. She sure is something. Winston is absolutely scared of her, and I dont blame him. My overview of piggy is that she is a smelly, but good dog.

Well thats the update. Here I am, a couple years older, but same basic Puff
I hope to get right back into the blogging game. So looking for at least a weekly update
I look forward to getting to know everyone again

Tail wags, and kiss