Thursday, March 13, 2008

Puff a new video, photobucket, and a tag!!

Hey Dogz and girl girl!

I have finally managed to keep up with posting, as it has only been a couple days since my last one!! This is a huge accomplishment for my mum to actually get her butt up and post for me every couple days, so i commend her on her ability to overcome her laziness for once!

I am really excited for Huskee Boy and Baby's wedding because my handsome boyfriend Hammer, Hobson, Rose and Odie are all coming too!! It sounds like Girl Girl has done a great job planning it, and i cant help but be anxious to attend since this will be the first wedding i will have gone to!!

Other then getting ready for Huskee Boy and Baby's wedding i haven't been doing much of anything, but the other day i told my mum to shoot a video of Ivy girls strange habit of hiding under the bed!
Every time my mum or me walk into the room she dives under the bed. I think that it is really strange that any dog would want to go under the bed because that's where all the dust bunnies hide!!

Also, recently my mum has discovered the wonders of photobucket! I am amazed at how long she spent on it tonight just fooling around with pictures, so below are just a couple results of her tamperings!!

Here is the original photo( i think it was taken last summer, or in September)

Here is the same photo but this time it looks like an old photograph from a long time ago! Amazing right, even though you all probably already know about photobucket and how it works me and my mum are still enchanted by all the cool pictures we can make!!

Here is the picture in a neon kind of setting. Sorry about the line through the picture, although my mum likes photobucket she still doesn't really know how to use it well!!

And finally here is me with some Big red juicy lips!! It isn't hard to see that i look extra kissable in this picture!!
Now on to the tag:
Butchy and snickers have tagged me for this fun new book tag!
so here is the rules !
1. Grab the nearest book of 123 pages or more.
2. Open it to page 123.
3. Find the first 5 sentences and write them down.
4. Then invite 5 friends to do the same.
My mum is reading this great book called The Darkest Evening of the year by Dean Koontz , and she isn't very far along in it but basically the plot is about this woman who rescues a dog from a abusive family. Here is the sentence :
He went to work every day with his golden, Baiko, who had been named after a master of haiku, and he always greeted Fred and Ethel by exclaiming "sweet babies!"
"you ready for this?" Amy asked.
"me neither"
The shelter workers knew them well.
my mum encourages all you hoomans out there to read this in your spare time.
The doggies i would like to tag for this game are :
1. Hammer
2. Sami the golden retriver girl
3. Mona and the mommy
4. Bella the Boxer
5. Ari
I hope every dog has a great day, and after Friday it is officially spring break so my mum will have time to do some fun stuff with me and then ill make sure she overcomes her laziness again and make her post for me!
Also if all you would please sign my guestbook at the top of my blog!!
peace out

Sunday, March 09, 2008

Puff and the Powdery white stuff !!

Hey Dogz and Girl Girl,

I'm sorry that i once again neglected my blog and haven't posted for a while, i don't really have an excuse except that my mum has been Super lazy!!

Well you wont believe it but Friday it actually snowed here in Texas!! I had never seen snow until that day, and let me tell you snow is Weird! Its all white and wet , but its so much fun to play in!!

Here i am posing for the camera in the winter wonderland that used to be my plain old backyard!

sorry if this picture is a little blurry, my mum had trouble keeping snow from getting on the lens.

Can you see me? My mum also had trouble getting any good pictures of me because i blend in with the snow so much. She called me a little fluffy polar bear. Well if i am a Polar bear , i am the cutest one alive!

I had problems standing still for the camera , but can you blame me who wants to stand around posing all day when there is snow just waiting to be eaten!

I had a great time romping around the backyard, but then Miss. Paris decided to come outside to enjoy the snow too!!

At first all she wanted to do was try and catch snow flakes on her tongue!

But then she declared a wrasslin match, Me Vs. Paris! And there is nothing more fun then wrasslin in the snow!!
Here is a video showing me and paris having a great time in the snow! And if you cant tell i totally opened a can of smack down on her, i might just be the greatest wrestler ever!( sorry about the sound , the wind was blowing really hard)

We were having so much fun that even Remus decided to come out and join us!!

Here is a close up shot of me with my hair blowing in the winter breeze!!

After my mum made us all come inside she wanted me to pose in front of the window because outside was a pretty view of the snowy bushes!
But we had some difficulties!

in the end she got a few good pictures of me !!

In this one you can really see how wiry my fur is, that is because i was still kinda wet from playing in all the snow. I even did my little dance that i usually do right after i get a bath!!

So i had a great time friday experiencing snow for the first time!

But poor Ivy was worried that she would freeze her little butt off , so she had to put on some winter clothes before she ever agreed to even step outside!!

I hope every dog has a great week, and again i will do everything in my power to make my mum post for me more often!!
Peace out