Friday, September 26, 2008

We miss you Heidi

Hello everyone Puff's mum here,

I just want to thank Everyone again for their kind words it helps to know that Heidi will be looked after up there. I found out that Heidi was not the only dog to go to the rainbow bridge recently: Simon and gizmo have both also left their families and we know exactly what kind of pain they are in but We like to think that at least Heidi had some friends to enter the bridge with.

We found Deetz post about finding a butterfly that told them that little Gizmo had crossed safely to the bridge very inspiring so even though we liked to hope that Heidi was already having a good time at the bridge i took puff and Ivy out side to enjoy the nice day and see if we could also be lucky and have a sign that Heidi made it safely over the bridge.

Powder-puff and ivy were both very sad and not at all like their usual selves lately so it didn't surprise me when they just slowly walked around.

But when i was about to head in puff looked up at the sky and slowly wagged her tail before running inside. I like to think that it was Heidi sending a sign like Deetz got that she was safe and that she was looking after us.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

On tuesday at about 11:00 am Hedi passed over to the rainbow bridge. She had a stroke and was paralyzed and the vets really didn't have any more options to help her so my mum and her parents made the decision that it was time to let her go. The vets still don't know what caused this sudden tragedy but whatever it was we all hope that Heidi is happy and enjoying herself in doggie heaven. We know she will be looked after by Lacy lulu and all are other friends who are already up there. We all miss Heidi dearly, the house just seems empty without her constant barking. And although she had a rough exterior and a lot of attitude Heidi was really quite a fragile dog.

Below are a few good recent pictures of Heidi the first 3 were even taken in the new house.

Thank you for all your prayers and maybe you could send one more wish that Heidi is having a good time at the rainbow bridge. Even though she is gone from our house she is still with us .
Run Free Heidi
I might take a weeks break from blogging before i come back with new house pictures im sure you will all understand
Thanks again for all your good wishes
powder-puff and her mom

Monday, September 22, 2008

Bad news at the new home

Hey everyone !

Sorry for the complete lack of updates about everything but i really couldn't post because we just recently got Internet connection back . Well i have some really good news and some really really bad news i will of course start with the good news:

We have officially moved!!! After all we had been through we had begun to think that we would be stuck down in Texas for a while but suddenly we got news that our house sold and we were even able to buy the house we originally wanted! We arrived in Colorado about 2 weeks ago and i made my mum take tons of pics and videos which i will share very soon!

As for the bad news... Yesterday Hedi wouldn't eat breakfast even when she was tempted with fresh baked chicken and for the rest of the day she just wanted to be by herself and she wouldn't even participate in our daily wrasslin match. When she still wouldn't eat last night my mums dad took her to the emergency vet. We found out that her red blood cells were eating each other and her temperature was 105. And her red blood cell count was down to 17 when it should be 36 and her tongue and gums were white and her eyes were yellow. We were all so scared because even though Heidi may be a grump sometimes we all love her. Earlier Today my mum and her parents visited her and she was stable but not improved but by later she had gotten worse and they had to start blood transfusions . The doctors are still running tests trying to find out what is causing it but We are all crossing are paws and praying that Hedi will make it through this. Hedi has always been a fighter so there is hope. But could everyone please send a little doggie love her way and say a prayer for her tonight?

I will post the new house pictures and videos as soon as everything settles down and hopefully Heidi is back home!

Lots of love