Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Puff celebrates her Birthday....WOOT!


I woke up today thinking it was just another day....then i remembered it wasn't just another day it was the day of my Fricken awesome 2nd birthday!

And to properly celebrate this extremely important event my mum decided to take me to Double Dip, an ice cream parlor a good 45 minutes away that gives out free "pup cones" if you bring your fur kid.....its all about saving money apparently.

Anyway me being the only responsible one drove us there

And once i got my delicious Pup cone i wasted no time in tasting it

And it was like i had died and gone to Pup cone heaven! Although instead of grabbing the cone and swallowing the whole thing in one gulp like most dogs, i instead decided to eat my cone one lick at a time. I guess my mum doesn't appreciate having to hold a dripping pup cone for 15 minutes, but it is My birthday !

Its all about savouring the flavour!

Once i finally consumed my cone i wasn't satisfied ( are dogs ever really satisfied?) and i wanted a little taste of Key lime

And it was tangy and delicious as i had expected

But to top it all off i needed a yummy key lime covered cherry

My mum is happy to report that i didn't spend all day eating it instead i ate the thing in one bite like a true dog!

But the down side to eating a truckload of ice cream is that it has this effect on me....

It makes me veeeerrrryyyy sleepy.

I was Way too tired to drive us back home, but by the time we got back i was energized and my mum said i could plan out the rest of the day and do whatever i wanted .......SWEET!

So i wanted to burn off some of those extra ice cream calories by playing with my favorite tennis ball

By the time i was tired out, i was ready to eat some more! And i guess some of the Birthday spirit went to my head so i asked my mum to cook up some mini -pigs -in -a -blanket for me and everydog else !

They looked lip smackin good!!

And they tasted just as good too!

I guess i am not as graceful when devouring pigs-in-a-blanket as i am when eating pup cones

I even asked my mum to cook up one for Ms. Teeth!

Puff's mum : Ms. Teeth A.k.a Heidi along with most the other dogs in the house are the type of dogs who devour anything in one bite so i apologize if you cant even tell that they're eating anything....Onto the pictures!

Paris likes to take her food and devour it in a more secluded area away from all the other crazy dogs so we will just give her and the pig-in-a -blanket some privacy

The lovely molly really enjoyed her little treat

And even Stinky Winston the Destroyer of Floaties gets one, but he only gets bread because he has a very sensitive stomach

I think he was kinda pissed that he didn't get a hot dog ....oh well serves him right for popping my floaties

A whole Pig-in-a-blanket seemed like to much for little Ivy to eat

So she got a little bit of one broken up for her

And then after we were all full and happy we settled down and prepared for the highlight of the evening............


The first one was from The Stinky floaty killer.....but he did get me something maybe i judged him to harshly

Denta Bone?!? Is he trying to say that i have dirty teeth?? That Floaty murder better prepare himself for another brutal smack down! But it does say that it has " New and better taste" i wanted to try one but for some reason my mum thought that i had had enough treats for one day

Now on to present numero two that was from all my brothers and sissys

My first kong....and its pink! At first i was kinda disappointed...Meh someone come get me when there's food inside it .....

But then my mum threw it, and Woa can those things bounce!!

My Kong was possessed!!

By the time i got to my last present which was from my mum i had gone a little crazy .....

But can you blame me the last one is always the best!

A NEW ROPE-BALL TOY THINGY!!! And it was most definitely my favorite pressie!

Here's a video showing me playing with my pawsome new toy in all its glory!

I had a pretty great birthday and i look forward to many more birthdays and adventures in the future!!!

Oh and one more thing, some of you seem to think that Stinky Winston looks too innocent ( obviously you guys haven't seen him after he has bad gas) and that he didn't commit the horrible crime of killing my floaties. Although i am pretty sure he is a guilty dog i am an amateur detective and who knows maybe Winston popping my orange floaty was just a decoy ordered by a team of ninja cats! But if you guys have any theories on who did it let me know and ill open up the case to investigate once again!
lots of love
The now 2 year old puff

Monday, August 11, 2008

Puff and a lot of updates!

Hey Everyone!

Wow these last few days have been Hectic! Its just our luck that something on the deal with the house went wrong, i wont bore you all with the details but what basically happened was that the movers came and packed up half of our stuff and then we heard that the people buying our house couldn't get a loan. SO... we had to unpack some necessities and start showing the house again. For the past couple weeks we have been all piling into one car (all 6 of us dogs, Teddy Edwards just stayed at home) while we all drove out to the hotel my mums dad is the manager of currently in Richardson and staying in a room for a couple of hours. My mum says its not as fun as it sounds. But we have gotten another offer! And if everything goes according to plan (even though the plan kinda fell apart last time) we should be in Colorado by Sunday.

Here's a few pics of me in the hotel room, all the other dogs suddenly turned camera shy when my mum whipped out her Kodak so i guess you will all just have to settle for Adorable pictures of me

I REALLY loved the covers there! My mum started calling me the cover shark because as soon as we got there i would dive under the covers and nibble any ones feet if they tried to get under My covers!

Now on to the case of the dead Floaty!!!
With all this drama about the house and us being in the hotel for a lot of the time its been difficult to really investigate , but i am happy to announce that i Have CRACKED THE CASE!
In the beginning of the investigation i started out strong, questioning suspects and collecting paw prints, but after a while i hit a brick wall when i couldn't find the true villain! I was down to two suspects:
Ivy the chihuahua sure she may be small but you know what they say about Chihuahuas, they are little evil geniuses!
And Winston the goober nosed Airedale! He definitely had a motive, just look at all the times i have brought shame to his name by defeating him in wrasslin matches!
I had no idea what to do, i was getting anonymous threat messages telling me to stop looking into the case, and i had to start eating in a separate room from everydog else after someone slipped some rotten dog food into my bowl!
I almost gave up until yesterday, when i saw something that told me exactly who had killed my floaty......
I saw Winston outside popping and destroying my New orange floaty!!! I immediately sprung into action and wrassled him until all he could do was turn himself in! My mum says she couldn't get pictures of this event because it was to brutal but i can tell you he wont be messing with my floaties again! Sadly it was to late for my new orange floaty....two floaties dead just to solve this mystery, but it was worth it to bring this villain to Justice!
Here is stinky Winston's mug shots

I am glad to have finally solved this crazy case, i now know not to trust anyone with my floaties as long as i remain master of the pool!

Now on to the awwwwaaaaarrrrdddsss i have received!
The amazing Suka ( has honored me with this award !

The lovely Mona ( has given this friendship award to all her friends!

And the Arte-y-Pico award (
is from Twister and Furby(
My mum really needs to learn how to do clickable links...anyway i love all these wonderful awards, and thank you to everyone who has given them to me! I know i am supposed to give them to a certain amount of people but in the spirit of true friendship and because my mum doesn't want look up who all hasn't and has gotten all these awards i give all three awards to all my friends!
Speaking of getting things i don't know if any of you remember but my Birthday is
August 13! I am going to be Turing two years old and i am uber excited! Since my mum is really busy with getting the house ready and other things i don't expect as big a party as last year but i am sure she has a little something planned! Maybe even stinky Winston can redeem himself by getting me a nice present!
That's about it i hope every ones doing good and right after this post i am coming around to every ones blog and commenting because i know i haven't been doing that lately!
lots of love