Saturday, July 25, 2009

Puff and the nice day outside

Hey Everyone,

So yesterday me and the gang decided to spend a nice day outside, hanging around and playing catch with the old tennis ball.

Mr. Winston was such a ball hog!

Hope everyones having a nice day!
Oh and in Ivy news, Shes got that old twinkle back in eyes and is feeling really good. I want thank everyone for their get well wishes for Little Ivy girl. It looks like shes back to her old normal, healthy chihuahua self!
lotsa love

Monday, July 20, 2009

Ivy update

Hey everyone,

so guess what......

Ivy is back home!!

Shes not completely 100% yet, but shes doing a whole lot better. We have to keep her on a sensitive diet for a while, but other than that i think her just being home will make her feel better and happier.

I was so excited to see my best friend Ivy girl back home where she belongs!

Ivy missed her little crate too, which is like a cozy little haven in our sometimes hectic house. Except one time not too long ago molly randomly decided to crawl into her crate, its amazing she fit in it but once she did she wouldn't come out. Then when my mum saw she tried to lure her out with some treats which caused ivy to squeeze her way into the crate too, because thats whats shes trained to do when its time to eat anything. It was a very odd sight to behold....Finally my mum got both dogs out and hopefully that event will never be repeated.

Ivy said, Man it feels good to be home!!

We are all so happy to see our little girl home and healthier!

Hope everyone is having a great week!
lotsa love

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Bad news

Hey everyone,

We have some bad news. On Friday night Little ivy girl got sick and it progressively got worse. She seemed to have a stomach ache and just didn't seem to be herself normal Ivy self. And then last night she started passing blood, so today we took her to the emergency vet. The doctor had her stay and put her on some IV. We got a check up phone call not too long ago and the vet said ivy was doing better and that she hasn't gotten any worse and she might even just have a simple stomach virus.Tomorrow we are going to go pick her up and drive her to our regular vet where she will continue to be put on IV until later that night when we will finally get to bring her back home where she belongs. All of us miss her so much, So if you guys could keep little ivy girl in your thoughts and prayers and hopefully she will recover fully very soon!

lotsa love

Friday, July 17, 2009

The 3 amigos

Hey everyone,

Its been a pretty lazy couple of days down at our house. Little ivy girl and I have spent most of the time getting to know our new sissy Pixie. We have decided shes a great companion and is worthy enough to keep her spot on my mum's bed. We all love to sleep and eat which right off the bat gives us something in common.

I think ivy has particularly warmed up to her, or it may be that she just likes to show off her tummy

Pixie is a very sweet doggy, and i think she and me and ivy lee have already formed a tight friendship!

Even though she sometimes blocks our close ups

Here we are the 3 amigos, a pretty mismatched group but we wouldn't have it any other way

Now its time to go back to our napping
lotsa love

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Puffs back baby!

Hey everyone,

Wow its been a while. And there have been a few changes at the puff house hold.

First off there was some bad news on Saturday. Mr. Teddy Edwards the guinea pig had passed on.

he was a very old piggy, at least 8 or 9 years old. And he went very peacefully and is probably hanging out with all his other piggy friends over the rainbow bridge.

we will never forget his sweet little pig nose. And although i never got to properly meet him since my doggy instincts prohibited me from contact with his rodent self, little ivy girl did get to meet him and she says he was a very gentle soul and he will be missed.

And now for the more cheerful news. There has also been a new addition to our house hold since Wednesday ....

Introducing pixie! Shes a very old little girl, probably around 13 years old and has no teeth at all. My mum and her family adopted from schnauzer rescue, but even for a mini schnauzer shes is extremely little. Shes not that much bigger than little ivy girl!

Shes very sweet and quite fragile, but shes already taken her place on my moms bed and i think she feels at home already

And shes already taken claim over one of my blankies too!

Nothing much new with me though! Same old puff!

expect regular updates from here on out! And i hope every one is having a great summer so far!
lotsa love