Monday, April 28, 2008

Puff tries on some socks and introduces Teddy Edwards

Hey Dogz and girl girl!!

I am SSSSSSSSSOOOOOOO Sorry i havent posted or commented on anyones blog in FOREVER!!

I promise to never take more then a month long break from posting ever again!! Nothing is wrong with me its just my lazy lazy mum that's caused me to be gone so long !!

Anyway, today my mum caught me snooping through her sock drawer, but can you blame me what dog doesn't love to chew up a sock every now and then!!

But then that crazy lady said that if i love socks so much maybe i should try a couple pairs on!!

Socks are really uncomfortable, even though they do keep my paws warm!

And they are super hard to walk in!!

I asked my mum if i could finally take them off and she said that she had a few more pairs for me to model!

Thanks to my earlier chewing escapade she only had one green sock!!

But my favorite socks to chew or wear if i have to, are the SUPER long ones!!

There is just so much sock to chew and so little time!!

Also i have to introduce someone very important!! Apparently my mum has had another animal in the house that she has never told me about.....

I present to you Teddy Edwards the guinea pig!! I have never met him before because of course my mum is afraid that my dog instincts will take over and i'll want him for a snack. I told her i would never do that ,but she said that she didn't want to risk it. Anyway Teddy Ewdards is about 4 and a half years old, which is really old for a guinea pig!! As you can see he has really long hair and is pretty darn big (definitely bigger than Girl Girl)!! I will talk more about Mr. Edwards in my next post which will hopefully happen very soon!!

hope everyone has a fantastic week!!
peace out