Sunday, September 16, 2007

A rescue story!

hey dogz,

well this has been quite a weekend......... but a story needs to be told.

as some of you guyz know my mum and her mum, along with the airechicks mum, work with the NORTH TEXAS AIREDALE RESCUE, and this saturday my mums mum got a call from a couple who run an out of control airedale breeder. They have rescued airedales from him before, but he had decided this time to get rid of ALL of his breeding airedales....

the breeder also had about 20 chihuahuas in two seperate pens. The chihuahuas were crowded, dirty, flea infested, and most of them are probably heart worm positive

*we have some GOOD news though which i will mention later in the post*

another shot of the first chihuahua pen.

well my mum came with her mum and 3 other friends who help with airedale rescue. they ended saving 5 airedales CHICO, the only male, CHEYENNE,a very shy girl,NINA, a outgoing female,DILLY,small timid female, and BELLE, an extremely scared female.

this is dillie getting out of the truck after we had reached the vet. ALL of the airedales were extremely nervous and scared and it was an especially sad and heartbreaking rescuing for all the volunteers.

dillie again, all the dogs were very scared so it was hard for my mum to get a good shot of their faces but dillie wasnt as resistant and nervous as the other dogs.

this is NINA the friendlest of the dogs, she was extremely accepting for a dog who lived in as bad of conditions as she had.

NINA again , the two people are some of the volunters and my mum says they were SO much help and these dogs are forever greatful......

the next picture is of a very sad event that took place , my mum says that it is one of the saddest things she has ever seen.

as we were bringing belle into the vet she went through a very intense seizure, she had to be carried in on a stretcher. The vet wasnt sure what triggered the seizure, but as i mentioned my mum says it was one of the saddest things shes ever seen and it broke her heart.

belle was so scared that her eyes express all her fear and my mum thinks that witnessing something like this is almost life changing, and it was definitely life changing for these dogs to be out of that horrible place.

as i promised i has some rather good news after this incredibly sad news. As you saw there were MANY chihuahuas but my mum couldnt just walk away. it took negotiation just to be able to save these 5 airedales but my mum also managed to save a little chihuahua girl......

this is ivy a little chihuahua girl that was in the first pen. we think she is about 5 years old and has some very serious problems, she has horrible teeth which the vet says is probably due to the horrible quality of her food, she also is heartworm positive and has hook worm and whip worm. my mum knew when she decided to save this girl that she was going to foster her so ivy will be staying at MY house through her heartworm treatment and until she is adoptable......

i am very happy that i can help this little girl out by sharing my house, and i pray for the other chihuahuas because they are probably in as bad of condition as ivy was.

ivy is a very cute dog and has a GREAT temperament. we got her cheecked out at the vet and got all her major shots and medications to treat her worms. what a great little soul this dog has to be able to go through all this and still be greatful to us and be willing to be loved

*although she has very bad teeth her two teeth that stick out, she has quite the underbite, are fine.*

Well after the vet we gave ivy a bath in our front yard. she had a very bad flea infestion but my mum cleaned her up and treated her and now i must say she is a very beautiful girl.

the feel of a bath was probably completley new but she handeled it very well and i know it must have felt so good to have all those fleas off and finally be clean.

after ivy was dry she came inside , she and i didnt meet officially but i hope we can become good friends. ivy got to lay down in a my mums mums old baby doll bed and it fit her perfectly.

another adorable picture of ivy girl she feels so much better and is a really great dog.

my mum says that while she is fostering little ivy girl that it will be through hillcrest animal rescue, so today my mum took ivy girl to a hillcrest adopt-athon at petsmart. she got to meet new people and handeled it all very well and lots of people were already interested in her. but ivy girl will have to be all rid of her worms before she is adoptable.

ivy girl looked so good that we even compared her to a "cover chihuahua" and i think that her beauty is greater inside and out more then any dog ive ever seen.

again my mum is so greatful that she was able to rescue this girl and the airedales and you can contact the AIRECHICKS if you have any questions on donations for these dogs or questions about hillcrest and airedale rescue.

seeing these poor animals made me so greatful for my loving home and i am so happy that i am able to share it temporarily with ivy girl, and as soon as i have updates on the rescued airedales ill be sure to post about it.

and i will be sure to keep you informed on my new "foster sister".

peace out


Joe Stains said...

This is such a happy and sad story :( We are so thankful there are people like your Mom who do work like this for dogs.

Amber-Mae said...

Oooh, I really wanna bite that breeder in the butt sooo badly...Poor Airedales & Chihuahuas. I hate seeing breeders doing this. All they breed them for is for bug bucks! And poor Airedale girl who went into seizure. Must have been horrible to watch a dog go thru something like that. I'm sooo very proud of your mommy & the Airechicks for rescuing them! They did a great job & deserve a sloppy lick from me! Hope they will find a new loving home & owners soon.

Love licks,
Solid Gold Dancer

Maggie & Mitch said...

Our hearts are broken! Bless all of you that work for rescue! You're truly guardian angels! These poor pups! I hope they all find forever homes!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

Stanley said...


You are so cool to welcome Ivy Girl into your home, and your mama and grammie are peaches for rescuing all those Dales! My girl is crying for Belle and all the uncertainty she and her buddies must be feeling.

I can't wait to hear how they all do in foster care. I hope they all find their furrever homes soon, and that they get the chance to learn how to be doggies who are loved!

Goober love & extra smooches for your mama & grammie,

Preston said...

This is making me so sad... I hope they will all be okay and find a loving new home soon. That was such a nice thing your mommy did. Please say hi to your froster sister. She is very adorable.

Seadra & Zoe said...

This post made us very sad and happy at the same time. So sad to see the dogs in those conditions and happy that there are people like you to love these animals. God Bless you!!

We love Ivy!!

Love, Seadra and Zoe

Pacco de Mongrel said...

visiting to d shelter is such a samaritan work...

hope ur owner keep up d good work

eliza said...

hi puff, i'm not a dog but a dog-lover and it really pains me to see the poor dogs being mistreated by the evil breeders. how could anyone do this to a dog? they are so trusting and loyal. i'm so glad that your mom was able to rescue some of the dogs. what happened to the other chihuahuas?

Anonymous said...

hi im not a dog but i have 2. ivy is sooo cute too bad that breeder didnt take good care of her... i am sooo mad at him!!! & the poor airdale dog that had a seizure.