Friday, December 21, 2007

UH-OH odies got a blog!

Hey dogz,

My week has been so hectic, Ive barely had time to sleep!
But i have also been getting so many fantastic Christmas cards, which makes up for my CRAZY week!

Well i also have someone that you guys need to go over and say HI to:

Do you guys remember Odie the beagle from my pool pawrty, AKA the SMOOCHY POOCH!?! Well he has his very own blog now !

Here he is in his Christmas sweater!

Actually he happens to think that he is quite the ladies man!
So every dog go on over and meet him and welcome him to the world of blogging!
Here is the link to MR.odie's blog:
Hope all you dogz have a great week and hopefully ill have some new photos of me and ivy GURL to post tomorrow!!
Peace out


Stanley said...


Odie looks like a ladies' pup to me, but what do *I* know?

Hope you have a fun Christmas!

Goober love,

Amber-Mae said...

Hmm, I can't remember but I'll head over to her bloggy right now!

Love licks,
Solid Gold Dancer

Maggie & Mitch said...

We love Odie's collar! Thanks for letting us know, Puff! We're on our way!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

4xBs said...

Hi Puff, we're gonna go over and give Odie a good sniffing. we love to make new friends.


tuffyinsaudi said...

hi there, nice to meet u... u look absolutely cute too!

i just posted some pics on my blog, check them out.. although they looked kinda pathetic..!!

JULES & IKE said...

What a good pup, sending friends over to check out Odie's blog. Is he a Texas beagle, too? Gots to go check.... My mum grew up in Texas!

Woof, Ike

Weeny&Daisy said...

Hey Puff! Great to see you on our blog! :D WE love your blog and we will stop by to see how you are!

Lots of love

Weeny and Daisy xx xx

Charley said...

Hi Puff! This is Charley. You posted some woofs on my bloggie and I is very excited! Thankies! Meeting new friends is sooper fun. I has never seen a puppy that is a wug like you. You is cool looking.

Happy Holidaze!

- Charley

Kathryn and Ari said...

Hi, Puff!
Ari and I have both really enjoyed your blog. Before Ari, my husband and I had a beagle (though he never would have consented to so many lovely costumes). Thanks for the smiles!

Bond said...

Hi Puff,

Your new friend looks cute.

Merry Christmas and enjoy the holiday :)

THE ZOO said...

Happy Boxing Day.

We hope you haded a grate Christmas.

Lorenza said...

Hi, Puff
I hope you had great time celebrating Christmas with your family!
Happy Holidays

Fred said...

Nice to meet you, Powder-Puff! Looks like you had a funnest Christmas, too, like me! I likes your blog!

Preston said...

Hey! Puff,

How is it going? Hope you had a great Christmas! Wish you and Ivy a happy new year!


Jackson said...

Hey Puff, just dropping by to woof hello and thank you for your pawsome Xmas card! Thanks pals! J x

the Corgi Girls said...


Come on, come all...

To the Corgi Lounge New Year's Eve into the New Year!

(sleepovers welcome)

Anonymous said...

hope yall had a merry x-mas.i did.thanks for visiting my blog.visit again,i updated lots a cute pics

Ripley said...

Withing you and Ivy a very happy New Year with lots of treats and toys!

Hammer said...

Dear Powder-Puff and Ivy
Thank you very much for your bootiful Christmas card which arrived yesterday.
We hope you have a wonderful year in 2008.
Love from Hammer