Tuesday, August 14, 2007

did somebody say PAWRTY!!!!!!

my pool pawrty yesterday was awesome!!!!!! in fact it was so awesome that i was to tired to blog about it. but never fear , you are about to see all the deatails and REVEALING photos on my pool pawrty bash!!!

but be warned the post may contain unbelievably cute birthday photos !!!!!!!

here is my birthday cake!!!! but this isnt an ordinary birthday cake its made of.....
MEATLOAF!!!! and it even has tiny bone biscuits on it, i suggested that there should be a HUGE edible bone candel in the middle ,but of course my hoomans said that it would be overdoing the bone theme , i think otherwise!!!

cake would be nothing without ....... ICECREAM!!!!! peanut butter frosty paws yum, i dont know why its on a serving platter though they are all for ME right!!!!

here is another shot of my meatloafy cake and my PRESENTS!!!
i was ready to start the celebration , by eating the entire cake , but my mum said we had to wait for the special guest.....
special guest!!! i dont care who it is no one is getting any of my meatloaf cake!!!!

the guest turned out to be my mums friends dog odie the beagle!!!

after we were all aquainted my mum called out something that made both of us look up.........."cake time"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i tried to be patient but the hoomans took so long that when i finally was served i forgot my manners and tasted it......... and let me tell you something
meatloaf cake is delicous!!!!!

well i guess got carried away...... but can you blame me ? its meatloaf cake!!!!

yum a 2nd helping , a birthday girl needs her fill of meatloaf!!!

at first the frosty paw was a little cold after the warm toasty meatloaf!!!!

i was starting to let the birthday spirit get to me so i even let some of the other dogz have some cake and frosty paws , odie sure didnt have any trouble downing his 1st and 2nd servings!!!!!

odie was so worked up from the meatloaf that he even went so far as to plant a smooch on molly!!!!

molly was speachless!!!!!!!

after the cake and iceycream i was so ready for presents but my mum said that she wanted me to open a certain one first.......

A DRESS!!!!!!! did i miss something or did this celebration suddenly turn into halloween!!!!

as you can see i am so "thrilled" by this gift!

wow it even has lace..... wonderful!!!!

at least odie thinks it looks good!!!! maybe he should be the one wearing it then!!!

now for odies gift!!!! yummy chicken treat strips and a rope toy !!!!!! THANK you

maybe odies rethinking giving me the gift!!!!!!

despite the fact that i am still wearing the lacy frou frou dress i am happy that i have the lovley rope toy in my possesion!!!

now another toy from my mum a red chicken squeaky toy!!!! thank you thank you thank you, no more clothes!!!!!

and now another gift from my mum the tag says for a real princess .......maybe its a deed to a castle!!!!

a princess food bowl!!!! its even better than a castle because you can eat out of it!!!!

hey it dosnt come with come with food!!!!!!

another gift from my very giving mum!!! yummy gourmet cookies!!!!!!

i just put on a cute face and i even got to try one . yum pink frosting, i deserve i am wearing a lace dress!!!!

and now the last gift. a chew toy in the shape of a ring !!!!!! thank you!!!! finally i have some pink bling!!!!

a photo of me with all my presents i am still eyeing that food bowl!!!

i love getting presents how come this dosnt happen everyday!!!!!

my tummy is never full but all those treats sure did make me happy!!!!!

finally time to get to the pool!!!!!! and get out of this dress!!!

first i had to show him the oversized drinking fountain!!!

but i have no idea how to get to the top !!!!!!

now time to swim!!!!! odie was a little timid at first he is not a MASTER OF THE POOL like me!!!

but then he took the plunge!!!!!

poor odie his mum had to save him!!!

odie still needs lessons but there i am shouting encouragments from the side!!!!

i couldnt stand it any longer i had to get in the pool , but unlike odie i know that floaties are the way to go!!!!!!!!!!

another shot of me peacfully lounging on my floaty!

all of a sudden i heard a great splash and being the heroic dog that i am i decided to investigate!!!

odie needed my help so i hopped to the airmatress unfortunatley it started to sink!!!!!

i tried to throw odie a noodle but his mum had to come to the rescue, again!!!

odie got a little worked up and tryed to plant a smooch on me!!!! luckily i ducked , that dog needs to controll his need to kiss

then that crazy dog challenged me to a wrestling match !!!!!!! you know what that means........oh yes......... SMACKDOWN!!!

look at his ears he looks like he is about to fly off , might be a good idea becuase i am about to bring him down!!!!!

get back here you smoochy pooch !!!!!!

and thats the "end" to the adorable pool PAWRTY pics!!!!!!
i got so many presents and they were all great, except the frou frou dress!!!!,
and thanks so much dogz for all the happy barkday wishes !!!!!
wet kisses
anyone want a pink lace dress?
peace out


Joe Stains said...

your party looks soo awesome! all that food, those toys, that POOl. wait, I hate pools. haha

Seadra & Zoe said...

Wow...look at you in the pool!! You are so brave. I would be half scared to death.

Great party and Happy Birthday again!!

Love, Seadra and Zoe

The Airechicks said...

Well Puff:

All we can say it "WHAAAATAAA PAWTY".

Looks like a great time....

Cake - looks tastey...Pink foo foo dress - MAYBE for special occassions only - You would not want to get it dirty or messy right??

Good pressies.....

Your a very good swimmer - erh...floater....

Maggie said...

OMG what an awesome pawty! The meatloaf cake and the frosty paws were making me drool and then pressie time! You're sure one lucky pup Puff! I think you look pretty in the dress. I would keep it if I were you! Love the Princess bowl too!

Love ya lots,

Lorenza said...

OMD! What a party you had! With cake, frosties, presents, friends and lots of love from your family!
Have a good night

Buddy "The Dog" Hosp said...

Hey Puff,
Looks like pawsome fun, great presents, you're right except the dress! Loved the pics! Made Mom take notes for my Birthday Celebration!! Meatloaf Cake!!! Frosty Paws!! Nothing better. Now back to planning my party, Buddy

Stanley said...

Princess Puff,

You are so loved, girlie (even if your mama did make the big mistake and try to play dress up with you). The cake, the frosty paws, the presents, the pink bling, the POOL!!!!! Whoa!! And, a smoochy pooch to boot! (Why don't you want him to kiss ya?)

You had yourself the best barkday! Thanks for sharing the pics - I felt like I was almost there!

Goober love,