Monday, August 20, 2007

NOT just another lazy monday!!!!!!

hello dogz,

so usually on sunday i have quite the party i float in my very own pool, i roll around in the grass and i even eat the grass!!!!

i can be a pretty CRAZY girl sometimes, but on mondays i am lazy because eating grass is pretty tiring.........but NOT TODAY , today i woke up........ and wow THIS WAS NOT GOING TO BE JUST ANOTHER LAZY MONDAY!!! i dont know what came over me maybe it was a late boost of energy from the delicous HOTDOG PANCAKE , but whatever it was it made this monday EXTREME!!!

so to start off this EXTREME MONDAY i decided that i needed to express my musical talents with a song!!!! ....... wow i have quite the singing voice too bad you couldnt hear

*puffs mum* trust me you guys are lucky i think i have permanent damage

then after my bueatiful ode to biscuits i decided that a catching contest was what i was ready for

1. both me and the STINKY BALL STEALER can not move from the bed
2.the balls will be aimed first at stinky ball stealer and then to me and so on.....
3.who ever catches the most balls will win the title of ultimate ball QUEEN i mean dog,ultimate ball dog
4.keep your paws to your yourself and play clean!!!!

NOW TIME TO START.....well the first ball that was aimed for me went right over both of our jaws......

then the stinkin ball stealer caught the 2nd ball, but as you can see when he caught the ball he looks WILD AND CRAZED look at poor me i am almost SCARED!!!!!

then it was finally my turn ...... i dont think an explantion is needed but if you didnt already know i caught that yellow ball!!!! see the look of jealousy in the ball stealers eyes!!!!

after a few more throws i couldnt stand it anymore...... i took the ball and ran!!!!!!! But notice the look of suspicion in my eyes , i know what that BALL STEALER is up to!!!

in the end we made a truce , mainly because my mum took the ball away!!!!

But i will never completely forgive that ball stealer!!!! Notice how he doesn't even know that while he maybe smirking i stick out my tongue in his sour presence!!!

i hope this small acount of my energy boost this monday made this NOT just another lazy monday for all you dogz!!!!!!!

wet sloppy kisses

peace out



Stanley said...


You actually look pretty cozy with your ball stealer! I'm sure I'd snuggle up to you if I was your Airebro!

Enjoy your Tuesday!!

Goob love,

Seadra & Zoe said...

Look at you catching that ball in mid air. And we love the picture of you singing. We didn't know you were so talented.

Love, Seadra and Zoe

Lorenza said...

I like the picture where you are singing. I hope you can post a video of you doing that!
Have a good night

Scrappy and Pebbles said...

Great pictures. You are very cute

Scrappy and Pebbles

Ferndoggle said...

OMG, OMG, OMG!!! No wonder Monday was extreme with all those tennis balls!!

I'm comin' over.