Tuesday, August 07, 2007

simply powder-puff, the begining of the WUG!

hello my name is powder-puff, even though my peoples call me other names like "puffin" ,"lil pumpkin", and "NO dont chew on that" my main name is powder-puff , and no i am not a puff or a snow beast. I am a wug , my mum was a bueatiful fullbred pug and my dad was a terrier most likley a west highland terrier so the result is a "designer breed" the wug!. I live in the lone star state A.K.A texas , for the time being, i live in a very crowded two story house which has , in my opinion, TO MANY OTHER DOGS, i suppose its because my mum, my 12 year old owner and primary wrestling opponet, and her mum , the nice lady who feeds me is it dinner time yet? , work and help voulenter for north texas airdale rescue and hillcrest animal rescue. but i guess its all for a good cause becuz me and my mum help other doggys who have never been fed well :O and doggys who have ben abused and mistreated , but its sometimes gets out of hand just the other day i was chewing on my mums pillow when i saw a tick in "my" bed , and i swear it didnt come off of me , i think.

well since i decided just recently that the people of the world should now about me this is a new blog but never fear august 13 is my birthday i will be turning the faboulus age of 1 and i am sure my mum will be planning hopefully a pool party :P stay tunned more and better things to come in the future
the picture is not recent i am MUCH bigger now but trust me i am still that cute

peace out

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Sunshade said...

OMG Powder-Puff!!!

I swear you look like a purbred Westie, except your head does look a bit puggish, but you are ADORABLE!!

I can't believe your wonderful mom helps with the ADT rescue (how are you surviving the DALES??), and hill crest. GOOD FOR YOU GUYS!!

Thank you so much for visiting my blog, I'm glad you like my blog, and yes, I am very "unpredictable" at times...hehe.. I think that's the Airedale package...hehe!

Nice to meet ya, post some of your current pictures will ya??

Love nibbles to my new friend,
Miss Sunshade