Friday, August 10, 2007

My BIG ,mostly, happy family , the OTHER dogs!

Hello again all you dogz,

well i guess its time to introduce the other dogs that share my household , as if i am not enough of a dog who needs 4 other dogs when you have me!!!!!!!! well i guess if i have to show pictures of all the dogs that "share" my house i should at least start with pictures of a cute, happy and simply ADORABLE DOG!!!!!!!! of course i am talking about yours truly the one and only super WUG

here i am and as i promised i am quite the happy girl !!!!!!

as you can clearly see i have very enchanting eyes and the best hairdoo!!!!!!!!!

you seem to have caught me mid snooze , but even so if you ever find bigger
more KISSABLE lips let me know!!!!!!!!

here is a shocking photo of me exposing my rather BIG "cow patterened" chest , at least thats what my mum calls it but she also sometimes calls me a sneaky pooch but cant you see in my eyes how sweet! and INOCENT i am?

this photo one again displays my great taste in hairdos, also it clearly shows my ADORABLE black button nose and if you look closely you can see my pug inherited under bite , witch is a major turn on to most boy dogs!!!!!!!!!!!!!

excuse the tounghe in this photo but i must addmit i was having a rather delicous dream!!!!!!!!!!!!!

this is almost as bad as when they put clothes on dogs , i mean come on we like to go " in the nude!" but "super wug" is still pretty bad i mean clearly i am neither a bird nor a plane!!!!!

but i decided to humor the silly hoomans andput on a happy face to make a few good pictures!

dont be fooled by this photo though, seconds after the flash of the camera i jumped from my mums moms arms and stole that stupid flashing thing that will teach them!!!

well there are quite alot of other dogs to introduce so i guess we should move on , but i will still save the BEST for last!!!!

this is the big the curly haired MR.winston or as i call him phoo bear becuz he is quite the sissy dog!!!!!! here he is trying to be handsome , but i can of course out-pose anyone!!!!

here is a close up of the big old goof , i must say when he wants to he can be pretty cute, but he has yet to master the art of "controlling your cuteness"

WOW that is quite the nose unlike my cute button nose his is huge!!!

winston alert!!!! actually he is always alert , he even is scared of the ceiling fan!!!
if he should be scared of anything it should be a BATH!!!!!!!!

anyway everything all was going well i was hanging back letting whinney steal some of the pictures but then my mums mom made the mistake of getting the tennis ball out.....

all at once our eyes snapped to the yellow ball

i am about to open a can of smack down if even touches that ball its MINE!!!!

......then everything just went blury all i remeber was that we both went for it and oh yes i did open that can of smackdown!!!!

as you can see it was pretty intense!!!!!!!!

but in the end i got the ball .......BIG SURPRISE!!!!!

as you can see winston cant even find the dignity to look at me chewing on the prized tennis ball , but he shouldnt be ashamed MANY have fallen against my legenday fighting skills!!!


look at him posing like that but he will pay ........
I happen to know that winston has quite the crush on.......

sheild your eyes !!!!!! take that you ball stealer how can miss.sunshade even think about a dog with such a small rear end!!!!!!

i sm sorry but i am still in shock from that last photo.....

well on to a new dog, this is mr.remus!!!! if you cant tell he is a drooly bloodhound!!! he usually isn't much fun and he smells like rotten Cheetos but at least he isnt a ball stealer!!!

sometimes remus has to stay in his crate but when he does get out he mostly just stares at the wall , i think he has some social problems!!!!

this is the very elegant very graceful very collie-ish MISS.molly!!
molly is very lady like and even though she is 9 years old she is still very bueatiful but trust me she sure isnt a WUG!!!

another shot of miss. moo cow , she has a "cow belly" as well, these hoomans and their silly nicknames!!!!!!

here is a perfect example how many dogs do you know take the time to cross their legs molly is quite the dainty LADY!!!!!

here we are another dog!!! this is miss.PARIS she was rescued by my mums mom from a shelter in paris texas. she is also, like my self, a designer breed she is a LABRADALE, airedale and a labrador retriever. but trust me that breed isnt near as GLAMOROUS as the WUG!!

here is miss . paris again , i must say she is rather wooly! well we cant all have silky coats

although paris is fun most of the time i laugh with joy that my rear end isnt nearly as big and wide as is!!!!!!!

now dont be fooled by this "happy" face i am absoultley giddy to introduce this next dog , if you can really call her one.......

this is the ever so devious HEDI!!!!! A.K.A MiSs.TeEtH i swear this dog is a total spaz!!!!!! if you come with in two paws of her she growls..... i mean i know i am happy enough for all the dogs to be spazez but there are limits

here she is ..... why isnt she charming , she wont even look at the stinkin camera!!!!!

it has to be said, her lips arent nearly as big and black as mine!!!!!

well to end her faboulous photos i will show her "best" end!!!!!!!

as i promised i saved the best for last!!! enjoy this adorable pic of me drifting off.....i dream of bones !!!!!
ALSO!!!!! just a reminder my BIG BIRTHDAY is on the 13 just days away!!!!! and i plan to have a BIG pool party so you guys better get me something good!!!!!!
wet and SLOPPY kisses!!!!

peace out


Blue said...

Wow! What an amazing family you have - no chance of getting lonely!
Loved all the photo's. Look forward to some more

Pats to you

PS. I came via the Airechicks, I'm a human but doggy fan with a dog friendly blog

Faya said...

Hello ! What a big family ! How are you doing when you want to stay alone for a little moment ? (sorry for my poor englis : I am swiss)... Kisses from Switzerland, Faya

Maggie said...

Awesome family! There are sure lots of you to keep each other company! Winnie is so cute! and I alway wanted to know what a white Dale would look like - so Miss Paris has answered my question!
Thanks for sharing all of those lovely pictures!

Love ya lots,

The Airechicks said...


My what a large family you have - is your Mom - Ms. Dolittle ???

GREAT photos...Thank you so much for sharing your family...

You need to go tell Stanley about the Winston snout pic - Stanley's Mom like snouts.....

We like the photo of you laughing abut your and Paris' butt size HEHEhehhe - Oops we shouldn't laugh our butts are as big as Paris' - Hey wait a doggone minute Puff are you saying something about big butts....

The Airechicks said...
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Stanley said...


Six dogs in one family??? Sounds like heaven to me. Right now it's just me and the Mervcat.

You are a stinkin' lucky girl! I love Winny's big, black, juicy snout! Almost as big as mine, but just as juicy! (Tell Winny my girl is in love - she too is a sucker for a juicy snout). (*major eyeroll*)

Let's see if I can remember everydog. Remus is mesmerized by walls. How interesting. Is he doing some sort of research you don't know about?

Miss Paris has a very fine booty - can't imagine WHY you're laughing at her. And miss Molly (was it Molly) looks very refined and sweet. I can tell you really like her.

Now about Miss Teeth. How old is she and did she come into the fam after you? She looks pretty formidable. Watch out for that one.

Girlie, Happy early birthday! Wish I could come to your pool pawty!

Goober love and birthday kisses,

Stanley said...

Pee Ess,

I love yours and Miss Molly's moo bellies! I'm a total sucker for tummy spots and yours are stinkin' cute!

Your goober bud,

Seadra & Zoe said...

Wow, we had no idea you had such a big and wonderful family. Thanks for sharing them with us. That was a great post.

Love, Seadra and Zoe

Joe Stains said...

wow that is like a bazillion dogs you live with!! you must have a lot of fun with all those characters in the house!

Toby said...

Wow!!! What a great family you have!! You guys and gals must have tons of fun together!!!

Loved all the pictures!! Keep them coming!!!